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ICI Bankers & Associates, Inc.

Investment, Energy & Correspondent Bankers and Business Development Consultants



ICI Bankers & Associates is a "boutique” financial services firm with corporate offices in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.  ICI Bankers is representative of an association of professionals (i.e. both internal and external), which consists of  ICI - corporate advisors, investment and energy bankers, oil and gas professionals (i.e. corporate, petroleum sciences and technical representatives), third party/O&G and corporate legal counsel, certified public accounting firms and/or independent accountants and financial services platforms, which are dedicated to the highest level of professional standards, service and client representation.


Energy Sector – Areas of Expertise


ICI Bankers works primarily with the Energy Industry (i.e. O&G Client Company) and the accredited individual, corporate and institutional client/investor.  ICI Bankers serves as a banker, advisor and consultant to:  

  • The O&G industry and (E&P) companies (i.e. leasehold acquisitions, acquisition of producing & non-producing properties and developmental drilling programs).

  • The O&G industry & companies focused upon empowering meaningful communication, confidence and the financial participation of the traditional energy investor and the ESG minded shareholder and investment community (i.e. environmental, social & governance minded - individuals, corporations & institutions), with vetted oil & gas companies dedicated to achieving ESG initiatives and delivering corporate & project specific returns on investment capital. 

  • The saltwater disposal industry & companies (i.e. disposal wells, permits, pipelines, treatment facilities and related assets).

  • Crude oil & fuels trading platforms and related buy side/sell side activities.  


ICI Bankers possesses a wealth of O&G industry knowledge, transactional experience and relationships within the Energy Sector at large (RE: upstream, midstream & downstream). 


Capital Formation 

ICI Bankers serves as an industry savvy banker.  This is particularly evident in ICI Bankers passion, commitment and expertise regarding corporate finance (i.e. models, methods and sources) & capital formation efforts, to include: 

  • (M&A's) Mergers and acquisitions 

  • (LBO's) Leveraged buyouts

  • (MBO's) Management buyouts

  • Divestitures (i.e. corporate entities and/or specific assets)

  • Syndications - private placements & public capitalization efforts (debt and equity)

  • Asset backed lending

  • Mezzanine financing

  • Bridge financing

  • O&G division order financing methods (i.e. sometimes referred to as “assignments” of O&G production & non-recourse financing) 

  • Correspondent banking activities (i.e. placement agent and/or syndication engagements), within the energy and the financial services sectors.

Acquisitions & Syndications

O&G client company’s capital requirements are commonly sourced  from relationships with:

  • Accredited individuals, corporate and institutional investors

  • Clientele of correspondent investment banking firms  

  • Independent correspondent bankers & brokers 

  • Broker dealer distribution channels (i.e. R.I.A. firms, family/multi-family offices, private equity firms, hedge funds, venture capital & angel investment platforms, commercial & energy banking firms)

Due Diligence & Correspondent Banking  

  • ICI Bankers maintains an uncompromising commitment to perform and/or assist in independent & third party/due diligence engagements and/or internal diligence efforts, prior to the firm’s commitment, regarding the sourcing of capital for the O&G client company. 

  • Third party/due diligence engagements are often times followed by an aggressive correspondent banking commitment and campaign to include, sourcing of capital, communication, education & distribution of the capital model/underwriting to correspondent financial services firms, to facilitate funding of the O&G client company's capital requirements.




Investment & Energy Banking and Capital Formation 
  • Mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, divestitures, syndications - private placements & public offerings/underwritings (debt & equity), asset backed lending, mezzanine financing, bridge financing, O&G division order financing methods (i.e. sometimes referred to as “assignments” of O&G production/non-recourse financing)  

  • Capital sources often represent investment banking firms and/or independent correspondent bankers, brokers and broker dealer distribution channels, registered investment advisory firms (R.I.A.’s), family/multi-family offices, private equity firms, hedge funds, venture capital & angel investment platforms, commercial & energy banking firms

Placement Agent & Correspondent Banker 

As a Placement Agent, the firm will assist the Sponsor, Managing Broker Dealer or Fund Managers in the placement of alternative assets (i.e. oil & gas, real estate & others), which are owned and/or controlled by privately held & publicly traded companies:

  • Developmental stage

  • Micro-cap

  • Small-cap

  • Mid-cap 

Advisor - Source & Selection of Managing Broker Dealer & Selling Group 
  • ICI Bankers assist Sponsors with their selection of the appropriate managing broker dealer and the selling group, which syndicate the client company's offerings. 

  • ICI Bankers also assists in the due diligence of the managing broker dealer, selling group participants and the sponsor, to include serving as an advisor to offering & syndication document preparation, offering & securities compliance matters and wholesaler agreements.

Corporate & Business Development Activities
  • Banker, Advisor & Consultant – To the O&G sector (upstream, midstream and downstream), specifically those companies seeking the appropriate relationship with financial services firms and/or project specific capital facilities.


  • Banker, Advisor & Consultant – To the financial services sector, specifically financial services firms seeking the appropriate relationship with the O&G sector/companies & project specific capitalization efforts.

  • Banker, Advisor & Consultant – The firm works as a professional liaison & advocate for both the O&G industry/O&G companies and the ESG investment community (i.e. on the ground & in relationship with all parties concerned), when appropriate.


BB  McGowan, Principal & Managing Director

Mr. McGowan serves as the Senior Banker of ICI Bankers & Associates, Inc.  Mr. McGowan is credentialed by a twenty-eight (28) year financial services career in the following capacities: a commercial, corporate, merchant, energy, and investment banking executive and principal.  Mr. McGowan is considered a “specialist” in the oil and gas sector (RE: upstream, midstream & downstream), specifically regarding the structure and implementation of corporate finance engagements and corporate & business development activities.  Mr. McGowan serves as a banker, advisor and consultant to (E&P) companies (i.e. leasehold acquisitions, acquisition of producing & non-producing properties and developmental drilling programs), the O&G industry/O&G companies and the ESG investment community, specifically regarding O&G companies committed to achieving ESG initiatives and dedicated to delivering corporate & project specific returns on investment capital (i.e. on the ground & in relationship with all parties concerned), the saltwater disposal industry & companies (i.e. disposal wells, permits, pipelines, treatment facilities and related assets), crude oil & fuels trading platforms and related buy side/sell side activities, to include advocate and advisor of third party due diligence efforts for the individual, corporate and/or institutional client.  

John Kelly, Principal & Strategic Advisor

Mr. Kelly has in excess of fifteen (15) years of management and transactional experience in the oil and gas Industry. Mr. Kelly is currently a Managing Director of Marine Fuels Supply International, LLC, the Founding Partner/CEO of Trend Energy Partners, LLC, Managing Director of, LLC and a Strategic Advisor/National & International Clients for ICI Bankers & Associates, Inc.  Mr. Kelly is highly respected within the energy industry and brings numerous individual, corporate and institutional relationships to the table representing major and small/independent oil companies, to include: Anadarko, Northern Oil & Gas, Brigham, EOG Resources, XTO, Conoco Phillips, Marathon, Chesapeake, Rosetta Resources, Shell, Hunt, Hess, Pioneer, Petrohawk, Apache and others.  

Steve Holmes, Legal Counsel 

Mr. Holmes is a senior attorney with Settle Poe, PC (Dallas, Texas).  Mr. Holmes is credentialed by a thirty (30) year legal career with practice in the following industries and areas of discipline: oil & gas, securities, real estate, mortgage and title companies.  Mr. Holmes has also owned and assisted in the operations of oil & gas, title and mortgage companies, which provides him a unique, hands-on perspective for the corporate and legal issues facing business owners. Mr. Holmes guides his clients through the intricacies of the federal and state securities laws, helping his clients raise funds on a private and public basis.  Mr. Holmes also represents his clients in the acquisition of assets or other entities, preparing and negotiating asset and stock purchase agreements for multiple types of companies and industries, representing buyers and sellers, and assists in designing and implementing due diligence examinations of prospective buyers and sellers.  If clients want to exit their business enterprises, Mr. Holmes counsels his clients through available strategies to maximize his clients’ return on investment.

John Doe, CPA - Strategic Advisor

Mr. Doe is the Managing Partner of ABC Accounting Firm, PC and a principal in the ABC Wealth Management Platform.  (Review full profile)

John Doe, P.E. - Strategic Advisor (Upstream & Midstream Markets)

Mr. Doe is a Managing Partner of ABC Engineering, Inc.  Mr. Doe is recognized as a best in class reservoir engineer    (Review full profile)

Johnathon (Jon) Doe - Strategic Advisor (Downstream Markets)

Mr. Doe is the President of ABC Refinery and The ABC Companies.     (Review full Profile)

Dr. Edward Smith, Director of Community and Public Relations & Corporate Chaplain 

Dr.Smith currently serves as the Director of Community and Public Relations & Corporate Chaplain of ICI Bankers and Associates, Inc., with responsibilities to include the emotional and spiritual care for the corporation, executives, employees and their families and to represent a “shield” of transparency, accountability, trust and uncompromising ethics regarding the activities of the corporation and affiliate business entities both internally and externally. Dr. Smith additionally serves as a law enforcement chaplain for the Dallas County District Attorneys Office, the Dallas County P.D., the Criswell College P.D. and is a local and statewide disaster chaplain, to include chaplaincy commitments to a multiple of organizations.  Dr. Smith's professional career represents an expertise in a variety of successful ministerial, corporate, executive management and project specific professional experiences.  Dr. Smith has a track record and a commitment to excellence with definable success in team building, corporate & ministry growth and expansion, which has resulted in personal recognition within the aforementioned fields of interest.       

(RE:  Review full Profile)


Strategic Industry Advisors and Relationships ICI Bankers & Associates, Inc maintains close relationships with a multiple of trusted advisors and professional relationships across various industries & industry areas of expertise.


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